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A starless dark matter halo finally found?

Artistic representation of the underlying gas distribution traced by the observed emission at the location of Cloud-9. Recent observations with the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) detected marginally-resolved extended gas emission near the M94 galaxy without an optical counterpart down to very faint limits (surface brightness ~29.15 mag/arcsec2 in the g band).  In a recent work published in…
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6 November 2023 0

Milano-Bicocca plays key role in first evidence for nanoherz gravitational waves

A group of astrophysicists at Milano-Bicocca, led by Alberto Sesana, has contributed to the first evidence of nanoherz gravitational waves! On June 29th, 2023, the European Pulsar Timing Array (EPTA) reported for the first time a 3 to 4 sigma evidence for a low-frequency gravitational wave background. The ERC group coordinated by Alberto Sesana is heavily involved in the…
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1 July 2023 0

BiCoQ: a new research centre for quantitative cosmology

The Bicocca Centre for Quantitative Cosmology (BiCoQ) is a new research centre within the Department of Physics “G. Occhialini” of the University of Milano-Bicocca, which is devoted to the study of the nature of matter, gravity, and energy in our Cosmos. Astrophysicists at Milano-Bicocca will work in close collaboration with particle physics and theory colleagues…
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19 June 2023 0

“Big data within science and industry” masterclass at Milano-Bicocca

The advanced class “Big data within science and industry” will take place on September 22, 2023 at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Milan, Italy). Data are everywhere. Exploring scientific data is now at the heart of both scientific advances as well as industrial applications. This one-day master class provides a “learn by example” introduction to…
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19 June 2023 0

Un nuovo sguardo sul cielo di Milano

Progetti di scienza partecipata per il pubblico e le scuole. Con il progetto “Un nuovo sguardo sul cielo di Milano” proponiamo un’esperienza originale per conoscere le bellezze del cielo. Con il naso all’insù, non solo per ammirare ma, soprattutto, per comprendere i fenomeni celesti. Un progetto aperto a tutti, piccoli e grandi, perché non è…
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15 May 2023 0

A prestigious recognition to a Bicocca astrophysicist!

Dr. Elisa Bortolas has been awarded the Marie Curie Global Fellowship. A bit of history Elisa has been one of the best students I have encountered in Milano-Bicocca. I had the pleasure to supervise her during both her bachelor thesis (on the interpretation of megamaser observations) and her master, when her study on the dynamics of massive black…
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28 March 2023 0

Sofia Maggioni won the “Milla Baldo Ceolin” prize

Our former master student Sofia Maggioni won the INFN prize “Milla Baldo Ceolin” for the best theses in the field of theoretical physics. Her master thesis was titled “Fully Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Spinning Massive Black Hole Binaries” and she worked under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Giacomazzo, Prof. Monica Colpi and Mr. Federico Cattorini.…
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26 July 2022 0

Bicocca Telescope now operational!

We are excited to announce that our new 40cm telescope is now operational! Sitting on the U9 terrace in Bicocca campus, this fully-robotic telescope is equipped with science grade instruments including an imaging camera, a spectrograph and a solar telescope. Check out this clip to know more about the telescope: Here is an image of…
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10 July 2022 0

Bicocca Astrophysics Day

On Friday July 1st, we had a wonderful day of celebration of astrophysics and science at the University of Milano Bicocca. A rich programme featured interactive activities to explore the structure of the Universe, a conversation between Prof. Giovanna Iannantuoni (rector of the University of Milano Bicocca) and Prof. Carlos Frenk (Odgen Professor of Fundamental…
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18 June 2022 0

Two research positions in new methods for science education applied to astrophysics   

We invite expressions of interest in two research positions of 3 years each, aimed at developing new methods for science education in universities, schools, and for the general public. The subject emphasis will be astrophysics.  Researchers engaged in this project will join a wider initiative across multiple departments in the Milano-Bicocca University and other universities and industries…
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19 May 2022 0