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Research areas

The astrophysics unit leads several high-profile research programmes in three main areas of astrophysics: experimental cosmology, the physics of cosmic structures, the properties of compact objects as sources of gravitational waves. We are partner in major international collaborations and we are principal investigators of some the most ambitious observational and theoretical programmes aimed at understanding the nature of our Universe, the formation of cosmic structures, and the origin of gravitational waves.

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Experimental cosmology

We are active in measurements and observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), galactic polarized emission, large scale cosmic structure, clusters of galaxies, and cosmic rays.

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Cosmic structure formation

We study the formation and evolution of galaxies by combining observations with world-class 8-10m telescopes and state-of-the-art theoretical and numerical models and simulations.

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Compact objects and gravitational waves

We study compact objects, such as neutron stars and black holes, via their gravitational wave and electromagnetic emission, and by combining numerical simulations with observations.

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The Astrophysics Unit offers within the Department of Physics a wide range of learning opportunities in Astrophysics and Space Science. Whether you are looking to obtain a PhD or a Master Degree in Astrophysics or complete a MSc/BS thesis in our unit, explore the offering of our teaching programme.

Master in Astrophysics

We offer an international Master in Astrophysics (in English) covering all key areas of modern astrophysics and data analysis through interactive lectures, research projects, and laboratories.

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PhD programme

We offer a curriculum in Astrophysics within the PhD programme of the Physics Department. Research in one of our key areas is at the core of this programme.

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During the academic year, we organise several events including seminars, group meetings, workshops and conferences. Browse our calendar to find out upcoming events.

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Here are the latest updates on our research and teaching activities. Visit our blog to read all our news.

Un nuovo sguardo sul cielo di Milano

Progetti di scienza partecipata per il pubblico e le scuole. Con il progetto “Un nuovo sguardo sul cielo di Milano” proponiamo un’esperienza originale per conoscere le bellezze del cielo. Con[…]

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15 May 2023 0

A prestigious recognition to a Bicocca astrophysicist!

Dr. Elisa Bortolas has been awarded the Marie Curie Global Fellowship. A bit of history Elisa has been one of the best students I have encountered in Milano-Bicocca. I had the pleasure to[…]

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28 March 2023 0

Sofia Maggioni won the “Milla Baldo Ceolin” prize

Our former master student Sofia Maggioni won the INFN prize “Milla Baldo Ceolin” for the best theses in the field of theoretical physics. Her master thesis was titled “Fully Relativistic[…]

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26 July 2022 0

Open Positions

Troughout the year, there are opportunities to join our  research staff and to enrol in our PhD and MSc programmes.

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